The Riverrun Channel presents


George Fifield

Copyright © (1990)

All television all the time. Riverrun is both a single television show and a cable channel. For twenty four hours a day, seven days a week the Riverrun Channel entertains. Tune in to Riverrun.

Riverrun, the computer generated soap opera is the product of success in many computer fields. The script is written by a computer. The actors and sets, generated by 3D modeling algorithms, are incredibly life-like. The character’s expressions are generated from human emotions and faces digitized long ago. They have been modified to elicit a maximum emotional response from the average viewer. Even the soundtrack is composed of computer conducted voice generators, music and sound effects synthesizers. More real than real. Tune in to Riverrun.

The plots are generated by a branching program that constructs stories and dialogue according to rules of daytime television fiction codified over many years. However, plots are generated in real time and reflect the popular world culture of the day. The computer processes images, fashion and celebrity news from the world’s popular press. Feedback from fan letters and email is input to insure character and story success. These plots have no beginning and no end. They may be entered into at any time. Tune in to Riverrun.

With over two hundred main characters (and thousands of minor characters) who live, love and lust every hour of every day, Riverrun presents you with unparalleled excitement.  Riverrun is your ticket to their lives and loves. For every character who dies the scripting program generates another character in another part of the story. The show is generated in local computing centers so that local time, customs and language are observed. But the Riverrun story is global and Riverrun fans in Bejing share the same excitement as those in Des Moines. Tune in to Riverrun.

No more annoying cutting away to sell a product. Rather than distract the viewer with separate advertisements and product information, sponsors’ messages are seamlessly integrated into the scenes and the script. The characters lives are the product endorsement.  Riverrun contains all the information you need to be hipper, cleaner and sexier. Tune in to Riverrun.

Tune in to Riverrun in the morning. Watch families in crisis as they prepare to face the day. Local weather information and school closings are included in the stories.

Tune in to Riverrun during the day. The drama of hospital personnel, police, lawyers and wealthy business executives unfold, hour after hour, day after day with new twists and surprises.

Tune in to Riverrun at night. Watch the excitement and danger of life on the streets and love behind closed doors.

Tune in to Riverrun forever. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll hunger, you’ll be thrilled and amazed. You never have to watch anything else, ever. Tune in to Riverrun.

Immortal Television Entertainment.